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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Good Old Sociopaths

oldSometimes people say, “Oh, he’s really psycho (a psychopath),” when they are describing a friend’s slightly wild behavior. Or, “He has a real anti-social personality,” to explain why someone doesn’t want to go out with his friends on Friday night.

These two terms, psychopath and anti-social personality, are more than slang words to describe a friend’s unusual behavior. In professional language, they are used interchangeably with another term, sociopath, to describe someone whose problems are a lot more serious than acting up in class or showing an occasional fit of bad temper. A sociopath is someone who stands apart from a typical life filled with other people.

Using and Abusing Others

Socipaths often seem just like everyone else. In fact, they frequently impress people with their charm. But their …

Tackling Skin Issues Is Best With A Cream

tsiibIf asked to write down the organs in the human body, not many people would list the skin, but it is in fact the largest organ of the body and has many important functions. The skin protects your body from injury, controls your body’s temperature, and holds water in your body so you do not shrivel up like a prune. When you’re hot, your skin perspires to cool you off. The fat layers of your skin help keep in warmth when it is cold outside. Without the protection of the skin, no one would be able to survive.

Just like other organs, the skin can have many different types of problems, from simple rashes to severe acne or psoriasis. And just like other organs, there are many different types of …

Keep Your Mac Healthy, And Your Heart Will Follow

What do you do when you’re right in the middle of an important project and your hardware suddenly quits?

mac-protection-recoveryIf you work for a big company or a school with thousands of Macs, the answer is easy: You call Microcomputer Support (or whatever that department is called at your site), and get help. Help is usually quick and efficient and comes with loaner equipment to tide you over. If you’re on a network, as is increasingly common, the bulk of your working data probably resides on a server and is backed up daily or even more frequently, says the Storage Network Industry Foundation’s Data Management Forum. Even if your site doesn’t consolidate data on a server, it may provide remote automated backups. The odds are that you’re covered for …