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Make No Mistake: Inhalants Can Kill

inhaLiz, age 15, got scared when her hair started falling out. But the Pueblo, Colorado, teen couldn’t stop sniffing paint from milk jugs even though she didn’t like how she looked. She lost her appetite and a lot of weight due to the effects of the poisonous fumes.

In Englewood, Colorado, paramedics worked frantically to save the life of an 11-year-old girl. She almost died from sniffing hair spray. A paramedic explained, “What happens is the person gets hallucinations and an intense sense of euphoria [high] that lasts for a short time”

He continued, “You do it even once and it can kill you.”

Two friends, Steve and Cody, were sniffing gasoline inside Cody’s living room. Cody spilled some gas on himself. The two teens began fighting, then walked onto …