What Is A Flat Roof System? [A Definitive Guide]

A rooftop that is slightly flat or pitched is known as a flat roof or low slope roof. 

For proper drainage, it is important that a roof consists of a slight slope, if it would be a dead flat then it will cause problems during the slight slope to drain.

How Would You Know That Your Roof Is A Low Slope Roof?

Low sloop and steep slope are the most commonly used terms that are used to describe a flat roof system. But, the main question is, how would you know that your roof is a low slope roof?

For this purpose, I have listed some ways to identify whether you have a low slope roof or not.

  • A low slope roof is one in which the slope is of less than 3 in 12.
  • Another thing is that, for each sort of horizontal foot, the roof level will go up for more than 3 inches in a vertical direction.

Why It Is Necessary To Have A Steep Slope Roof?

A steep slope roof depends upon the gravity level. 

In this way, it can flow water in one general direction so that the water can shed easily and flows smoothly towards the edges.

On the other hand, a low sloped roof is not water dependant and it does not flow in a particular direction. 

In this way, it causes water drainage and damage to the edges.

Types of Low Slope / Flat Roof Systems

There are three types of flat roof systems, which are mentioned below briefly:

  • Built-Up Roof
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Single Ply

Now, let’s discuss them in detail:

Built-Up Roof

Built-Up Roof is composed of multiple layers of roofing. These layers are commonly referred to as tar paper and they are kept in a place with hot coal tar pitch.

The coal tar pitch or hot asphalt proves out to be much beneficial in creating a watertight membrane.

This watertight membrane is later on covered with gravel embedded in a pour coat of hot coal tar.

This kind of roof type has a long and fair performance. The built-up roof system does not offer a flexible membrane, it yet contains some environment concerts..

Modified Bitumen

In this type of roofing, the coal tar is altered in a chemical way so that it can allow more flexibility and construction, over a heavy polyester or fiberglass mat for the strength.

Modified Bitumen has a good record of performance and its waterproofing characteristics are also very surprising. 

This roof type offers consumers a wide range of application methods. The top surfacing and cool roofing options are always available onboard.

It provides better performing insulation components and high tensile strength.

It has a competitive lifecycle and the cost is generally low.

Single Ply

In this type, the entire membrane roofs are made in the factory-controlled areas that can be installed as a single ply.

It offers thermoplastic membrane roofs which are welded with heat so that they can become suitable for the single-ply membrane.

This kind of roof has a proven track record of performance, with a high ratio of tensile strength. Here’s our top choice for professional roofing repair company.

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